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“I love all the recipes because they are all
so easy for kids to do at home.”

“I think the kids favorite part of the lesson is helping with the cooking. They love the hands-on cooking part.”

“One thing I notice about the students is that they feel more confident. Cooking empowers the students
to realize they can do it themselves. ”

“In the lunch room, students will often remark
'Look - yummy vegetables!'“

“I use this time to have discussions about nutrition with my students. I relate it to our snacks and party foods. Now, students bring in bags of apples, yogurt parfaits, veggie trays, etc. because they want to share their fun treats.”

“I like the program because I can tie the nutrition lessons into science and social studies. We tie in the “Five Senses” lesson with the science curriculum, and the lessons encourage teamwork, getting along and manners, which are part of the social studies curriculum.”