The Integrated Nutrition Education Program Equips Schools, Kids, and Families to Eat Well and Be Active, Creating a Healthier Future for Our Communities

Who We Are:

The Integrated Nutrition Education Program (INEP) is a creative and fun way for kids to learn about healthy eating in their classroom and to share what they learn with their families. Each lesson includes a hands-on cooking activity that teaches students how to prepare and taste new fruits and vegetables. INEP is funded by SNAP-Ed and conducted through partnerships with the University of Colorado and various school districts and schools from around the state.

Our Goal:

INEP’s goal is to instill life-long nutrition behaviors to prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. To accomplish this goal, INEP targets increased fruit and vegetable consumption, overall healthy eating, children’s willingness to try new foods and increased physical activity.

In the Classroom:

INEP is a pre-K through 5th grade program consisting of 9 hands-on lessons each year. The lessons involve food preparation/tasting while reinforcing literacy, social studies, science and math standards. Classroom teachers get curriculum training followed by bi-monthly deliveries of food and education materials to support the lessons.

From Classroom to Family:

The program offers nutrition education for the entire family through healthy recipes, newsletters, school-wide parent nights and a book bag program for 2nd grade students and their families. Parent nutrition classes are offered at each INEP school which helps reinforce healthy behaviors in the home.

Where We Are:

INEP started in 1993, and is currently being offered in approximately 40 schools statewide. INEP is reaching approximately 360 teachers and 8,200 students. The program is available to schools with a high free/reduced school lunch rate.

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