the 2013-2014 INEP results are in

Thanks to our INEP schools, 7,000 students received our nutrition lessons and 4,500 lessons were taught in classrooms throughout Colorado.   Our evaluation shows that students are improving their health behaviors while also making positive changes in the home. See our highlights below.


Impacts on Students:

Statistically significant increase in students’ knowledge of nutrition.

71% of students report eating more fruits and vegetables because of the nutrition classes.

Teachers report 93% of students are more willing to try new foods.

AND 77% of students are more willing to select fruits and vegetables in the lunchroom.

Impacts at Home:

Nutrition classes, recipes, and newsletters have changed the way families cook and eat in their homes.

Families report eating more fruits and vegetables and preparing healthier snacks for their children.

Parents and children are making the INEP take-home recipes together.

One teacher commented, “Students would ask for extra recipes so they could make sure their parents would buy the items at the store!”

Impacts on the School Environments and Policies:

“82% of principals report that school environment or policy changes that promote healthy eating have been made as a result of INEP.”

“We strongly believe in this program and see every day the positive impact it makes on our classrooms.  We firmly know that INEP has significantly held an important role in our students, staff and families’ lives…”

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